Dark fairy tales by fair lady Eloīza

Welcome to the dark fairy tale forest of gender fluid fair lady Eloīza and her beloved playmates

   Eloīza Rozentāle is a self-taught photographer born in 1986, somewhere in the north of Europe where they call summer ‘the green winter’. She is a passionate storyteller who experiments with digital photography to tell her thought-provoking 'dark fairy tales'. She has always been fascinated with the themes of Eros and Thanatos and uses them in her works to express her views on different aspects of life including human sexuality, gender issues and the diverse aesthetics of the human body.
   The main visual subject in her photo works is the Self, a mortal being who thirsts for life, and the interactions between the microcosm (the Self) and the macrocosm (the World). To express the interactions between the Self and the World in her photo work, she focuses on her own body as a mirrored reflection of inner and outer realities of human existence.
   Another significant part of her photo work focuses on the bodyscapes of others to tell the stories of a visual journey in search of new ways to see and portray the male and female body with features that sometimes differ from socially accepted perceptions of masculinity and femininity.
   An important theme is her photo work is the symbolic usage of objects in interaction with the portrayed bodyscapes. All the carefully selected objects hold a hidden symbolic meaning that brings to life the stories behind her photo works.


August 2018 Vandalising Heteronormativity, The Flying Dutchman, London, UK
September 2017 EroticaMENTE, SATURA Art Gallery, Genoa, Italy


May 2018 Dark Beauty Magazine Issue X 1.18

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